What Can You Expect From Us?

We get it, there’s a lot of other website design companies out there. Why us? To start, we offer you these 4 components in our services


No Coding

HTML? PHP? CSS? Do you mean gibberish? Living in your own country but having to speak a different language is such a hassle. Let us handle it for you!


Responsive Website

Did you know that more than half of your clients are now using mobile to see your website? Get a responsive website so they don't have to suffer.


Our Focus

Modern design. For every gadgets. A cool landing page. And all the web pages that you need. You just provide us with the details, and we'll get right on it.


Bang For The Buck

How much is this going to cost you? We sure won't want to give you a headache, so we're just going to give you the set price that's waaaaay cheaper than most of our competitor.

What's So Special?

Still not satisfied eh? No worries, at MI Webmaster, we give it our all for every project that’s been granted to us. It’s like getting a new baby, our baby.

Each Project Is Special

We know that each businesses have their needs and we’re prepared to meet those demands. Just leave it to us.

Everybody Loves Freebies

We know you do. Get a service from us and don’t worry about your domain name and hosting. We got your back.

Stellar Service

We’re new to the business, that means we’re gonna have to treat you like kings because that’s how we can wrestle our way for the market share. Hence why you can expect that from us especially :D

Money Back Guarantee

So you decided that what MI Webmaster did for you is unacceptable :( We know a 100% success rate is almost impossible, so we’re prepared to do a refund if you don’t find our service up to par.

Meet The Team

We’re a new business established since 2016. Our team consists of highly capable individuals that is committed to give their very best.

Izlan I

Izlan I


The one and only, he founded MI Webmaster and brought it from an idea to reality. He doesn't just want to design webs, he also wants to help expand your business.

Izlan II

Izlan II

Web Designer

He's the go to guy for all your web designing needs. Don't fret, he'll make your website as good as this one, if not better!

Izlan III

Izlan III

Sales Representative

Where would our business be without sales eh? In fact, where would any business be without sales? Quite the fellow this guy here.

Izlan IV

Izlan IV

Customer Service

Got any complaints? Or need a representative for you to get in touch with? Then he's the guy for you.

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